RTI installs Duro-Last on Large Office Complex

Large Duro-Last project

RTI recently completed installation of a Duro-Last premium roof system on a large office complex in Wichita, Kansas.  The project included installation of over 400,000 square feet of Duro-Last membrane, flashing thousands of linear feet of parapet wall, and flashing nearly 100 large air conditioner units.

The hail storm that destroyed the roof also destroyed dozens of roof-top air conditioners. But because of the increased heat-reflectivity of the new Duro-Last roof, the owner was able to only replace a small portion of the damaged units and still keep the building cool with no added load on the existing units.  The roof is too new to determine the reduction in power usage that resulted from the new Duro-Last roof, but it is safe to say that having less AC units doing the same job will save a lot of power.

One of the tenants in the office building is a call center for a national catalog company.  It was critical that noise levels be kept to a minimum during installation so that business was not interrupted.  RTI was able to deliver as Duro-Last is one of the quietest roofs to install.  With no heavy machinery on the roof and large sheet sizes, Duro-Last allows a quiet installation without any harmful chemical odors.  Installation on this project was painless for the tenants, allowing the building owner to have one less headache during installation.

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