Duro-Last Perfect For Photovoltaics

photovoltaics roof
Photovoltaics (PV) is a popular method of converting solar radiation to electrical power. Photovoltaic power generation typically involves creating an array of hundreds of solar power panels connected in order to generate a significant source of power. Because the large PV panels need to be in areas of direct sunlight, a popular location to place the panels is on large, flat commercial roofs. The Duro-Last roof system is uniquely qualified to host PV panels because of the ease with which new roof penetrations can be added and removed.

In many modern photovoltaic installations, the panels are elevated above the roof on robotic arms that rotate the panels to face the sun throughout the day.  Theses arms are drilled through the roof deck and attached to the building’s steel structural beams.  Thick electrical cables, in similar fashion, are often installed through the roof deck and connected to generation systems located inside the building.  With Duro-Last, any kind of arm, pole, pipe or cable that penetrates the roof deck is easily flashed in. 

Duro-Last can also be retrofitted to cover a roof that already has PV arrays on it, without removing the arrays for roof installation.  As part of the custom prefab roof order, all of the penetration dimensions are forwarded to Duro-Last and custom flashings are created in the factory.  During roof installation, these flashings are heatwelded on to create permanent, water-tight seals on each item.

Whether you are looking to add PV to your roof, or replacing a roof that already has PV installed, Duro-Last is the best roof system to host your solar power system.  And with our unique experience installing and working with PV, RTI Commercial Roofing is the premier contractor to handle the project.

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